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Family-owned and operated for over 52 years

Repairs and Restorations

Quality radiator repairs and restorations

Keep your vehicles running smoothly with expert recores, aluminum pig welding, specialized repairs, and more from the pros of Riverhead Radiator and Air Conditioning Service Inc.

Repairs and Restorations Radiator
  • Antique autos

  • Trucks

  • Commercial vehicles

  • RVs

  • Farm and industrial equipment

  • Marine heat exchangers

  • Foreign and domestic vehicles

  • Oil coolers and more

Radiators for all types of vehicles

Do you have a classic car but can’t get a radiator from the manufacturer? Or do you need an industrial radiator built to your exact specs?


You can rely on Riverhead Radiator and Air Conditioning Service Inc.’s experienced team to custom build a radiator that will meet your needs.

Get a custom-made radiator

Need a new or custom-built radiator? Call: